Monday, June 11, 2012

Managing to Survive

For years I've made my bean money working as an onsite apartment manager.  I've had as many as 120 units and as few as 26. I've managed with a partner / roommate and without. I've worked for the insane and the rational. I keep thinking I've seen it all and my definition of "it all" continues to expand.

So, this post is about managing and this is where I will post the conventions of how I write about managinging.

I manage three buildings. I work in The Building and live in The Other Building. The third building (The Other Other Building) is small and pretty quiet so it can have a silly handle.

And that's it for now! If I think of any more I will put them here.

Q & A (now with just the A!)
A: Yes, I have written a tv spec pilot entitled "Managing to Survive." It won an award at UCLA

A: Yes, I've had other blogs with this title.

A: No, I have not always managed to survive. I used to clerk in a law firm. But "Clearking in A Law Firm to Survive" just doesn't have that zip the big time Hollywood producers crave.

A: Yes, it's a crazy job. Because people are crazy. And they make me crazy. And then I do crazy things. Like get up the next day and go back to work.

A: Yes, I have thought of myself as an action hero especially when I'm on the roof in the rain at three in the morning. I can hear the the deep-voiced trailer man say "Ed Goodman is: Managing to Survive."

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