Thursday, October 13, 2011

Absolute Power (8): Unforgiven II

1997. William Goldman wrote the screenplay so you know you're off to a good start. Eastwood directing doesn't hurt one bit. Throw in Gene Hackman and Ed Harris and you can go ahead and start popping the corn, son. I am IN!

I tell you what, Hackman vs. Eastwood is one of my favorite Hollywood match ups. They just work so well as powerful villain and reluctant savior. And Ed Harris as the one-step-behind cop is great. It really does have a lot in common with Unforgiven. It all starts with a woman getting real abused by a man. Eastwood isn't interested in it at first but comes to realize he's the man for the job. And Laura Linney is the daughter who has had it with her criminal father and tests him in ways the primary challenge can't. It's practically Unforgiven: The DC Story.

We also have the moment where it all becomes personal for Eastwood's character and he kicks into "take'em down" mode. Add some tasty bits from Scott Glen, Judy Davis and Dennis Haysbert as the somewhat competent cover up team and you've got yourself a slow cooker that yields tender, dramatic meat that's great on a piece of toast.

But let's be honest. You had me at Hackman vs. Eastwood.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Ed Watches Every All the Movies (EWATM)

Every time I move, I'm surprised by the various caches of things I have. Boxes get reopened after six months and suddenly I've got 20 books I'd forgotten about. Or some guitar strings I packed away. Or a baby brother.
BB: I'm not a baby anymore. I'm twelve.

So, in the vein of "do everything all the time" I'm going to watch every movie in the house. I'll get reaquainted with some old favorites. I'll discover some things I haven't seen yet. And I'll put this kid to work overhauling the Volvo.
BB: You can't keep me here. There are laws, you know.

Indeed there are, son. Indeed there are.