Saturday, January 24, 2009

Elvis Prestello plays the UCB in Los Angeles

Alright! Tonight I get to play my guitar in front of people. Oh boy! It's Elvis Prestello, everybody. I wrote a tasty solo for our last number (What's So Funny About Peace Love and Understanding).

WARNING! GUITAR GEEK TALK AHEAD: I'm big into double time arpeggios these days. I tap'em, sweep'em, speed pick'em - oh they make me happy! I took what I did at our last show with Christmas Baby, Please Come Home and adapted it to the What's So Funny chord progression. I'm excited to whip it out on the people (though the sound will probably be less than stellar). If I throw my hand over and grab the neck and tap it out Satriani-style it will at least look good. We'll see.

I'm playing the Squire Strat tonight as the Ibanez has stopped making noise of any kind. (Was it something I said, Ms. Ibanez?)

Elvis Costello tunes through a big fat Marshall amp. What could be better?

Saturday, January 10, 2009

My Christmas present to myself:  The Alien Quadriology.  All the Alien movies plus a bunch of talky people talk talkin'. (It was only thirty bucks. Get off my back!)

Allons y!

Disc 1: The original Alien and the directors cut. That Alien's got like three extra mouths. Intense head splitting fun!

Disc 2: The original Aliens and the directors cut. The head splitting fun is ruined, however, when right after the ship crashs, the thing goes all pixelated and we're back at "Look into my eye."

Which I don't understand anyway.

So, back to Amazon the Quadrilogy goes. Bye bye Mr. Quadrilogy!